Order Instructions:

First, You Must Fill Out the Contact Form Under the CONTACT TAB!

Orders for Video Graphic Services Must be made personally by telephone or by contacting me on Facebook Messenger. The prices for Video services will depend on many factors which must be decided at the time of request. Prices depend on whether there are Logo services required, whether Intros are required, and the length of the video. I generally charge from $75 to $125 for a three minute video.

You must contact me by phone with specific instructions for your graphics orders before I start working on them. Please message me on messenger with your telephone number as I have an app on my phone that rejects numbers that are not in my contacts list. I apologize for this, but it is due to too many spam calls that it has been necessary.


I am willing to make up to two small changes to finished graphics without charge. However, changes that create a completely different design will be charged at full price. 

I accept payment by Paypal or Google Wallet. My email address for both is the same: jana.rudisill@gmail.com 

Your receipt from Paypal will say JMBR Enterprises, where Google Wallet will simply have my name and/or email address only.

60 pixels

This consists of removing your image (or someone else's) and making it ready to place on a header, banner or other graphic for you.

NOTE: Placing the separated image on another banner will be an additional $5 charge


  • Facebook Headers - $25 (discounts for multiples)

  • Other Social Media headers - $20 (discounts for multiples)

  • Website and Blog Headers - $20 (discounts for multiples)

  • Animated Gif Banners - any size - up to 6 frames $5 each

  • Static Banners - 3 for $5 

  • Large Graphic for Splash/Squeeze Page with Text - $30

  • Specialty Text Creation - $5 per line for 60 pixels (example below) or larger sized text. $3 per line for smaller (50 px. or smaller) matching text for subheadings, etc.

  • Specialty removal of an image from a photo background - $5

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