Here is a header I created for one of my own websites. I have created many headers, banners and text graphics (with color or transparent backgrounds) for many of the biggest names in the Internet Marketing Industry.

Graphic Headers

Specialty Text Services

Text can be created in many styles, with multicolor effects, all can have transparent backgrounds. I have some of the finest resources for background images, and many specialty graphics on transparent background in both .png files and .gif files. There are many combinations of colors and styles I can create. I always like to see the website you want the item for. It gives me the 'feel' of what will work fluidly with the website. I can even work my magic using a photograph you supply.


Do understand that I will not accept anything pornographic or in any way inappropriate. I reserve the right to refuse any project.


You will need to contact me by skype, email or through my facebook messenger. Please do not call until after 2 p.m. central time as I have a strict schedule I adhere to.


All payments for services are expected through Paypal. Because of past experiences, I never accept paper checks, or money orders.


I do need your contact information in order to do the work as I may need to ask a question in order to complete your order to your satisfaction.


Once I see what is involved, I will quote a price. It all depends upon how simple or how complicated the project will be and what it will require of my resources.


I look forward to working my graphics skills for you.



General Price Sheet

Realize that these prices are for simple projects. If your project requires more work I will make a quote by email to clarify the final price before starting. I will never add fees on after an agreement has been reached.

  • Facebook headers - $25

  • Other Social Media Headers - $20

  • Website and Blog Headers - $20

  • Animated Gif Banners - up to 6 frames $5 each

  • Static Banners - 3 for $5

  • Large Graphic for Splash or Squeeze Page with Text - $30

  • Specialty Text Creation - $5 per line for 35 pixle or larger sized text. $3 per line for smaller matching text for subheadings, etc.

  • Special rendering of a personal photo to a background image - no text - $5 (with text $5 per line)

Satisfied Customer Testimonials:

What I love most about Jana's work is that she listens to what you want and is able to translate that into beautiful artwork capturing the essence of the feeling you are looking for.  I recommend Jana and JMBR Enterprises to all my business associates!

Janet Legere

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Jana Rudisill's Graphic Design

Quality Graphic Images

Let me add specialty text for you!


These are but a few examples of the hundreds of text designs I can do. There are literally thousands of options. Just show me what you need it for and I can create the pefect text for you.

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